The Politics of Information Access - Readings

Honors College
HON 201 (Section 53330)
Thursday, 4:00-4:50, 117 Lincoln Hall

Laura Quilter |
Veronda Pitchford |

About the Readings

Texts will include a wide variety of formats and a wide array of topics. When possible, journal articles, book chapters, pamphlets & other short printed materials will be placed on Reserve at the Main Library. Many materials will be available on the Internet, and will be linked from the reading list. Books may be checked out via InterLibrary Loan, or purchased from a number of venues. Video materials may be checked out from the Architecture and Art Library or from Facets Video (1550 W Fullerton Avenue). At least one source for material will be listed where possible.

You should read at least two new pieces from the appropriate section each week. Each section has a list of readings, plus links for more information. You are welcome to read other materials in addition to the minimum two pieces.

You must write a very short summary of each reading (2 sentences is good) plus a slightly longer (3 sentences minimum) critical appraisal of the piece. These short reviews must be submitted to the listserve before the next class. Include the full citation at the top, the summary & your review, and be sure to sign the review. These reviews & commentary will be archived in the class web space.

Students should read each other's reviews and be prepared to respond to comments and questions raised.

If you find any other readings, or viewings, or listenings - let us know.

Critical Analysis

Factors to consider and discuss where relevant:

Final words of advice:

Access for All

Media Concentration, Public Relations & Advertising

Intellectual Freedom

Intellectual Property

Privacy & Human Rights

Technology & Employment

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Journals & Mailing Lists

Journal Issues

Other Courses


Reference Books


Other Media

Manifestos & Pamphlets

Novels - Visions of the Information Future

Unless otherwise noted, these should be available in the science-fiction sections of bookstores, or at Stars Our Destination.

Film & Video

TV Series


(see the instructors for copies)

Writers of Note

Finding the Material