About This Course

This is the archive for “Intellectual Freedom”, Simmons LIS 493, 2008 to present. I am still building the archive from old materials, but it will include the syllabi, assignments, and additional materials developed for the courses.

All material that is authored by me is Creative Commons licensed, CC-BY-NC 4.0¬†unless otherwise specified on that page. That means that other people are free to take and adapt these materials, so long as they attribute the content to me, and so long as it is non-commercial. (In other words, don’t take this material and sell it.) You are welcome to translate it to other languages, or adapt it. I haven’t applied SA (“Share Alike”) to the license because I understand some academics teaching may wish to keep their materials non-open access for a number of reasons — pedagogy, for instance, or because they are still testing out content. But I would love to know if you use or adapt this content for your own courses.